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Our students receive a Median ATAR score of 94.25, with 11% scoring an ATAR over 99.

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of students said TuteSmart made them feel more confident in their studies


of students said TuteSmart helped them prepare further in advance for exams


of students said TuteSmart helped them retain more subject content


of students said TuteSmart helped them study more effectively outside of school


of students said TuteSmart made them feel more engaged with their subjects

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"TuteSmart is more than just academics, it's a real support for every single student."


97 ATAR Achiever

"Since starting at TuteSmart, I pretty much became top of my class for Chemistry and Physics. My confidence has gone through the roof."


91.10 ATAR Achiever

"TuteSmart made me feel so much more confident, and in terms of academics it really helped me to get where I got in the end."


93 ATAR Achiever

"My most recent Chem result was 80% - literally double what I was getting in Year 11."


92 ATAR Achiever

"It’s kept me engaged for the whole year.."


91.10 ATAR Achiever

"TuteSmart definitely helped boost my marks, particularly in Year 11 where I really needed that extra support."


97.55 ATAR Achiever

"I think it’s the best decision I’ve made this year. And it becomes obvious straight away in your grades and the work that you do, so there’s no downside to it."


"You've got people who have been through it who know what the exam is like and who know how to study for it, which is really helpful."


"It’s really a fun learning environment… you’re supported to learn where you want to learn rather than being forced to learn."


"Don’t wait! You don’t want to miss out on all the opportunities from the beginning."


"Approachable, friendly tutors who have made this roller coaster of a year a more enjoyable one!"


"My time here at TuteSmart has been really rewarding. In particular, my tutors were so lovely, knowledgeable and easy to talk to."


"TuteSmart definitely helped me a lot throughout the year and helped keep me motivated when I had many school tests!"


"TuteSmart was incredible in advancing my subject skills and helped me to take full advantage of organising my study time early on, before it was too late!"


94.70 ATAR Achiever

"TuteSmart gave me the confidence I needed to improve my English scores, making it go from my worst subject at the end of year 11 to my best score in year 12"


90.55 ATAR Achiever

"TuteSmart’s online services are very convenient. The ability to access instant help in your own home is something that has greatly benefited me and my studies."


Hear from parents

"I enrolled my kids in Tutesmart because they needed support and guidance from recent graduates who have been through year 12 and aced it. We chose Tutesmart because they have tutors with hands on knowledge and experience in the subject they're teaching. Tutesmart tutors are energetic, providing expert knowledge, tips and hints on course requirements. A great resource that is easy to access, giving my kids extra support, conveniently from home."

Julie B

"I am delighted to recommend TuteSmart for all prospective students who may be considering help with tutoring. My two children attended TuteSmart over a period of 3 years in a range of subjects as well as UCAT. Both of them found the weekly tutoring programs to be very useful in giving them a headstart and in developing confidence through regular practice exams built into the programs. I am pleased to advise that both of my children obtained ATAR of 91.45 (in 2018) and 99.50 (in 2020) respectively. Thank you to all the tutors at TuteSmart for their passion and dedication in teaching; as well as the friendliness and professionalism demonstrated by all the tutoring staff and the management team. Highly recommended!"

Robert L

"Thanks again for your excellent tutoring service. My daughter completed two VCE subjects in year 11 last year and received an outstanding result in both subjects. Your tutors were organised, informative and engaging. Their tips and advice for exam preparation were spot on. Furthermore the transition to online learning went very smoothly. We're extremely grateful for the... extra support she received from Tutesmart."

Phyona M