Private Tutoring

Dedicated one-on-one tutoring

The best way to work through a problem, together

We offer live one-on-one private tutoring sessions as an optional add-on to enrolled TuteSmart students. They take place online via video call and last 30 minutes.

The one-on-one tutoring sessions are structured in the following way:

Book your session

Students book a session for any subject, at any time, with any tutor. They note down what their learning aims are for this session.

Your tutor prepares

Your tutor reviews your learning aims, and plans out the session.

One-on-one help

At your session time, you connect with your tutor, and get dedicated, personalised help.

Document and review

After your session, your tutor notes down what was covered, achieved, and any items to review at your next session.

Completely flexible

Works around your needs

Unlike regular private tutoring sessions, we believe that students need flexibility when deciding what they need help with.

Not every week is the same. Some weeks you have four tests, some weeks you have none. With full flexibility, students are able to minimise costs, whilst still having access to personalised support as they need it.

Some benefits of flexible private tutoring:


There are lots of subjects to choose from, including smaller subjects we don't offer tutorial classes for! You can get private tutoring help for any available subject.

Session times

You can book in the same time each week for as long as you need the service. You have the flexibility to reschedule sessions by providing at least 24 hours of notice.


You can book in more than one private tutoring per week! You can keep the same session times each week, or add extra sessions as needed through the year - it's up to you.


All of our tutors are high-achieving recent graduates, but our team will be able to help you find the tutor or tutors who best meet your private tutoring needs.