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Aditi Kalia

NSW - ATAR 95.00

Hi everyone! I am Aditi Kalia and I tutor English, Biology, and PDHPE here at TuteSmart! I am currently in my second year of Bachelor of Science/ Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Medical Science) at the University of Sydney – majoring in Medical Science & Political Economy as a Dalyell Scholar. I am an avid reader (hence, my love for English) and a huge Potterhead, always up for a chat about books, life, and everything in between - which my students know all too well!

Subjects I can help with:

English Extension - 48/50
English Advanced - 92
PDHPE - 92
Biology - 91

Alice Kevans

NSW - ATAR 99.30

Hi! I’m Alice and I’m currently studying medicine. Other than studying, I love playing soccer and listening to my favourite Taylor Swift songs on repeat. For my students, I hope to provide anything and everything a successful HSC student needs to master the content and know how to apply it in any situation. I love the subjects I tutor and hope to pass that on to my students to encourage them to still find some fun in their HSC year.

Subjects I can help with:

Biology - 93
Economics - 95
Mathematics Advances - 95
Studies of Religion I and II - 97

Alicia Hereford

VIC - ATAR 94.95

Hi, I'm Alicia. I'm studying Science and Information Technology, which I enjoy because it helps me understand a constantly advancing world. My top study tip as a tutor is to do practice questions to consolidate your learning continually.

Subjects I can help with:

Further Maths - 46
Data Analytics - 43
Accounting - 40
English - 40

Alicia Varkey

VIC - ATAR 98.15

Hi, Alicia here, I graduated in 2022 with an ATAR of 98.15 and a raw 50 in Health and Human Development. I am currently studying Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Science at Monash. I love inspiring young people to reach their full potential and guiding them to reach their goals.

Subjects I can help with:

HHD - 50 RAW
Biology - 43 RAW
English Language - 43 RAW

Amandi Jayawardena

QLD - ATAR 99.40

Hi! My name is Amandi and I’m a QCE graduate from 2021. Through my experience of learning in the QLD ATAR system, and tutoring for 2 years, I’ll do my best to ensure that the help you’re receiving from Tutesmart will maximise your marks for your QCE. I place a lot of importance on the ways my students take in content, and am always keen to find the most effective strategies to help best understand the syllabus!

Subjects I can help with:

Biology - 97
Chemistry - 95
English - 96
Japanese - 98
Methods - 97
Specialist - 93

Amelia Wyer

QLD - ATAR 98.40

Hi, I’m Amelia! I graduated from Matthew Flinders Anglican College on the Sunshine Coast in 2021, and am currently studying medicine at UNSW in Port Macquarie. I offer to tutor for chemistry, biology, maths methods, and literature and I am passionate about all of these subjects, so I will be happy to help you achieve your QCE goals. I also value studying smarter, not harder, so I have plenty of study tips to help you optimise your study experience.

Subjects I can help with:

Chemistry - 98
Biology - 97
Maths Methods - 94
Literature - 91

Anandi Sharma

VIC - ATAR 96.25

Hello! Anandi here, I graduated in 2021 and achieved an ATAR of 96.25. I am currently studying Commerce at Melbourne University which I am enjoying very much! My favourite year 12 subjects are English and Busman :)

Subjects I can help with:

English - 44
Business Management - 43
Further - 40

Angelica Haskins

VIC - ATAR 97.25

Hi ! I’m Angelica. I am kind of a biology nerd and recently completed a Bachelor of Biomedical Science and am now studying Medicine. I love my cats, reading, long distance running and playing the piano.

I am running a weekly class for Physical Education, come and join my class!

Bri Argall

VIC - ATAR 98.30

Hi, my name is Bri. I love helping students achieve their best. Come and join my classes or book private tutoring with me.

Subjects I can help with:

Biology - 47 RAW
Psychology - 47 RAW
Chem - 40+ RAW
Physics - 40+ RAW

Celina Lau

VIC - ATAR 98.35

Hi, I'm Celina, I'm a recent BSc grad and have been tutoring General Maths since 2019. I love working through exam-style questions, and I will be able to provide lots of practice and explanation and help with summaries!

Subject I can help with:

General Maths - 47 RAW

Elysia Small

QLD - ATAR 99.55

Hi! My name is Ely, and I'm a second year law student at UQ. In my free time, I like to hang out with friends and go bushwalking, and my career aspiration is to get into public policy (or as I tell people, to be Prime Minister). I love to help my students understand the tricky concepts and complex questions that I had trouble with in year 12 because I appreciate how long it took for me to understand them!!

Subjects I can help with:

Methods - 95
Spec - 96
English - 97
Physics - 94
Philosophy - 100

Hannah Jefferis

QLD - ATAR 94.90

Hi, my name’s Hannah! I graduated in 2021 with high results in General Maths, English, Drama, Outdoor Sport, Biology, and Psychology, for which I got the highest mark in Queensland. I’m in my second year studying Primary and Secondary Education, and I absolutely love it! Some of my favourite hobbies would have to include hiking, surfing, reading, spending time with friends and family, and almost anything and everything outdoors and active! I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Subjects I can help with:

Year 10-12 Psychology - 97 (Subject achievement commendation - the highest mark in QLD 2021)
Year 10-12 Biology - 99
Year 10-12 General maths - 99
Year 10-12 English - 92
Junior science, maths, English

Harini Guddanti

VIC - ATAR 99.50

Hi, my name is Harini and I’m currently studying Bachelor of Clinical Science/Doctor of Medicine at Flinders University in Adelaide. I graduated Year 12 in 2020 and know how hard it can be to stay motivated during VCE, especially with all the things going on outside of school. I’m eager to help current VCE students in planning their studies, maintain motivation, and even enjoy their workload. VCE can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be soul-crushing – especially when you balance work and relaxation! I also applied for universities across Australia, so I can help with uni and SEAS applications, and make the process less confusing.

Subjects I can help with:

Economics - 47 RAW
Maths Methods - 45 RAW
I am also comfortable helping students prepare for the GAT and apply for special consideration in their course selection.

Isabel Angara

NSW - ATAR 99.30

I’m Isabel and I’m one of the tutors here at TuteSmart. I’m studying a Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise Physiology) at the University of Sydney and love science, especially Biology. I enjoy dancing, playing touch football and going to the beach. With some fun facts, active discussion and lots of practice questions, I try to foster a learning environment that not only makes students high achievers in their subjects but also makes them love and enjoy learning.

Subjects I can help with:

Biology - 94
Chemistry - 91
English Advanced - 94
Maths Advanced - 97
Modern History - 95

Jessica Laven

QLD - ATAR 96.60

Hi, I'm Jess, I studied Humanities subjects including Business, Accounting, Legal Studies, and Ancient History at high school in Queensland, and my favourite subject is English. I graduated in 2020 and am now studying at The University of Queensland, pursuing a Bachelor of Communication and Bachelor of Journalism dual degree.

Subjects I can help with:

English - 99
Business - 95
Accounting - 93
Ancient History - 91

Jimmy Chen

VIC - ATAR 99.65

Hi, I am Jimmy Chen. I graduated from John Monash Science School in 2021 and
am currently a student at the University of Melbourne studying Actuary. I enjoyed
and excelled in Math throughout VCE and hope to share my passion with others. I
moved from Shanghai, China to Melbourne so I understand the struggles of
transitioning to a different environment. Learning Math can feel intimidating at
times, but I hope that with my help the subject can become more intuitive and

Subjects I can help with:

Specialist Maths units 1-4 - 42
Maths Methods units 1-4 - 49
Year 9,10 Maths

Josh Hamilton

VIC - ATAR 98.20

My name is Josh and I have been a tutor with Tutesmart for over 4 years. I am studying medicine at Monash University, having completed 4 of 5 years I am taking an interim doing an honours research year at the new VHH. Originally from Bendigo, I love football (especially the mighty Collingwood), live music, and heading home to see my pet dog (Maya) & cat (Bella).
I specialise in Units 3/4 Chemistry and General Mathematics but also can assist with Biology.

Subjects I can help with:

Chemistry - 44
Biology - 45
Further Maths - 50

Kaif Qais

VIC - ATAR 99.50

Hi, I'm Kaif! I'm a first-year biomed student who is enthralled by the prospect of exploring the worlds of maths and science. I'm always excited at the opportunity to help VCE students whose shoes I was once in and help develop that same passion for academics - whether that be through something simple like helping them through practice questions or running thoroughly through the study design content to help develop their confidence. When I'm not busy studying or tutoring, I enjoy playing and performing on the piano - just like maths and science, it's a gateway to another magical world.

Subjects I can help with:

Biology - 48
General Maths - 47
Maths Methods - 45

Kayla Wong

NSW - ATAR 98.60

Hi everyone! My name is Kayla and I am a private tutor at Tutesmart! I’m a 2022 graduate and school captain with an ATAR of 98.60, placing 2nd in NSW for PDHPE. I was an ‘all rounder’ achieving Band 6s in Biology, English Adv, Dance, PDHPE, and Business Studies (accelerated). I am currently taking a gap year to focus on my dance career, however, in the future, I am looking to study Medical Sciences, Exercise Physiology or Sports Medicine at university. My favourite hobbies are reading, music, beach walks and spending quality time with my friends. I feel that I best help my students by creating a program tailored to their goals, strengths and weaknesses, ensuring I prepare them with quality content revision and exam-style practice questions to make them feel confident going into exams.

Subjects I can help with:

PDHPE - 97 (2nd in NSW)
English Adv - 93
Business Studies - 93
Biology - 90
Dance - 97

Lourdez Yohanes

VIC - ATAR 99.40

Hey everyone, my name’s Loz and I’m a bio tutor! This is my third year at TuteSmart, and I'm currently in my third year of Medicine at Monash Uni. I love the sciences, and am always happy to chat about anything VCE or uni related! Something I hope to achieve in the near future is to live abroad - I would love to work overseas one day!

I run a weekly Biology class and it's on Wednesdays, come and join my class.

I can help answer questions for:

English - 43
Psychology - 50
Chemistry - 50
Biology - 45

Maddie Pryde

QLD - ATAR 97.60

Hi, I'm Maddie, I graduated in 2020 and I’m currently studying Communications/Arts at UQ and hoping to work within International Relations in the future. When I’m working or studying I’m bouldering with friends, writing, eating bagels, and watching absolutely awful romantic comedies.

Subjects I can help with:

English - 100
Literature - 100
Drama - 100
Modern History - 95

Manjot Bhullar

VIC - ATAR 99.80

Hi, my name is Manjot, and have recently graduated from VCE with an ATAR of 99.80. My favourite subjects in Year 12 were General Maths and Chemistry. In my free time, I love to travel and also learn new cooking recipes. I love seeing students succeed and will do everything to help them get there.

Subjects I can help with:

Biology - 45
Punjabi - 40
Maths Methods - 41
Further Maths - 50
Specialist Maths - 40
English - 47
Chemistry - 45

Meg Hua

VIC - ATAR 99.20

Hey! I’m Meg, currently in my final year of Medicine at Monash University! I’m a lover of birds (especially magpies) and in my spare time, I like to draw and create stories. Although I’ve been out of high school for a few years, I’ve been teaching mainly maths (and a little science) both publicly and privately for 6 years in a variety of places. I’ve helped engage many students to achieve their desired scores and I’m looking forward to teaching you this year!

Subjects I can help with:

Maths Methods - 47
Specialist Maths - 52
Further/General Maths - 45

Michelle Li

VIC - ATAR 99.75

Hey everyone, My name is Michelle and I'm in my final year of medicine! I've thoroughly enjoyed teaching my students over the years, trying to make classes more enjoyable and easier to engage with. I'm looking forward to learning with you and having some fun along the way.

Subjects I can help with:

Maths Methods units 1-4 - 44 RAW
Specialist units 1-4 - 42 RAW
Chemistry units 1-4 - 49 RAW
Biology units 1-4 - 50 RAW

Michelle Wynne

VIC - ATAR 98.90

Hey! My name is Michelle, and I graduated in 2021. I'm currently a second year medical student at Monash University. I have over six years of experience in tutoring, having worked with students from primary school into year 12. I'm especially interested in teaching bio and chem, as these are the subjects in which I had the most fun back when I was in VCE. I also have an interest in years 7-10 English and VCE English language- I have a real passion for writing and analysis. I'm also comfortable with tutoring maths methods.

Subjects I can help with:

Chemistry - 44
Biology - 42
Maths Methods - 39
English Language - 41
English, Maths, and Science Year 10 and below

Miranda Bennett

VIC - ATAR 97.30

My name is Miranda and I graduated and completed my VCE studies in 2022. I am currently undertaking a gap year and I will commence studying a Bachelor of Medical Imaging in 2024. My hobbies include reading, playing drums, working out at the gym and spending time with friends. I like to help students best by working through content with them, looking at real-life scenarios that can aid them to remember concepts they are studying in a more fun and interesting way, and focusing on improving the application of the content to help them answer practice questions in the lead up to SACs and exams.

Subjects I can help with:

Biology Units 3&4 - 41
Health and Human Development Units 3&4 - 47
Physical Education Units 3&4 - 47

Monish Puri

VIC - ATAR 99.05

Hey there! My name is Monish, and I tutor the Accounting ¾ & English ¾ classes here at Tutesmart, and can also tutor UCAT & Further Maths. I am in my fifth year of tutoring with TuteSmart, and sincerely value the opportunity to mentor students toward unlocking their potential, and achieving their best.
In my time outside of Tutesmart, I study Medicine, and currently finishing my final year at
Monash University. My absolute favourite hobby is to be busy – so may it be
catching up with friends, taking a dance class, or being involved in some
university student club, there is something or the other always going on!

Subjects I can help with:

English - 43
Further Maths - 47
Accounting - 47

Ramya Tata

VIC - ATAR 99.40

Hi, I’m Ramya, a fifth year medical student at Monash. I love to bake and have recently started learning how to knit! I am passionate about helping students to really understand topics rather than memorising content so they can ace their SACs and exams.

Subjects I can help with:

Chemistry - 45
Biology - 46
Psychology - 47
Maths Methods - 43
Specialist maths - 40
English language - 40

Rei Rogu

VIC - ATAR 99.15

Hi, I am Rei. I am passionate about education and helping students achieve their dream scores. In my free time, I enjoy going to the gym, reading books, and cooking.

Subjects I can help with:

English (EAL) - 45 RAW
Chemistry - 46 RAW
Biology - 43 RAW
Physics - 41 RAW
French - 38 RAW

Rohan Simon

NSW - ATAR 98.30

My name is Rohan Simon, and I am currently completing my Bachelor’s degree at UNSW, majoring in Civil Engineering alongside Physics. I have always had a passion for Mathematics and Physics, so teaching the subjects has been a great opportunity to communicate my enjoyment with others. My favourite aspect of these fields involves their applications in modelling and designing the world around us. In terms of recreation, I enjoy working on hobby projects and travelling with family or friends. In my view, every student is unique, so I enjoy hearing about their goals for the future and helping them achieve them through means that work best for them.

Subjects I can help with:

Mathematics Extension 1 - 96
Mathematics Extension 2 - 93
Physics - 93

Sarosh Khan

NSW - ATAR 99.35

Hello! My name is Sarosh, I graduated from Cammeraygal High School in 2022 as Vice Captain of the school. I am now studying for a Bachelor of PPE/Law at UNSW. Some of my hobbies include soccer (both watching and playing), watching Formula 1 and spending time with my family, friends and pets. I best help students by ensuring that they understand and are confident with content, and more importantly, that they can apply it to HSC style questions. This was something I really valued in Year 12 as it allowed me to improve how I approached exams, and it also improved my writing in general.

Subjects I can help with:

Legal Studies - 97
Modern History - 95
Society and Culture - 96
English Advanced - 91
Economics - 95

Sehnil Nawar

VIC - ATAR 97.35

Hi, my name is Sehnil, and I guarantee engaging teaching and prioritise instilling confidence in my students when they struggle with a subject. As a second-year undergraduate medical student at Monash University, I can provide insights into the best ways to tackle subjects such as Biology and HHD, as well as guidance on how to balance studies for VCE.

Subjects I can help with:

English Language - 39 RAW
HHD - 46 RAW
Biology - 42 RAW

Sonja Boon

VIC - ATAR 97.95

Hi there! My name is Sonja. I graduated from school in 2018 and have been studying at Monash doing an Arts/Law degree since. I have been teaching English and Literature here at Tutesmart since 2019. What I enjoy most about teaching these particular subjects is getting to talk about the ‘big ideas’ with students and encouraging them to have confidence in their opinions. In my free time, I play the cello, try out new recipes and talk myself out of buying yet another houseplant.

Subjects I can help with:

Literature - 48
English - 48
Global Politics - 42

Sophia Siderides

NSW - ATAR 96.30

Hi Sophia here, I'm comfortable tutoring English Standard, English Advanced, English Extension 1, Business Studies, Studies of Religion I, Studies of Religion II and Modern History.

Subjects I can help with:

English Extension - 47/50
English Advanced - 93
Business Studies - 95
Studies of Religion - 94

Sophie Gallagher

NSW - ATAR 95.60

Hi, Sophie here, I'm a third-year Arts/Law student studying at the University of New South Wales. With over two years of tutoring experience, I am passionate about helping students achieve their academic goals, with a strong focus on sustainable studying and student well-being. I'm comfortable tutoring any level of English, Standard Maths, Modern History, History Extension, and Society and Culture.

Subjects I can help with:

English Advanced - 90
History Extension - 44
Standard Maths - 93
Modern History - 92
Society and Culture - 92
Studies of Religion - 45

Sunny Norkute

VIC - ATAR 96.70

Hi, I'm Sunny! I graduated in 2021 with an ATAR score of 96.70. I am now studying for a Bachelor of Paramedicine at Monash University and tutor for General Maths, English, Literature, English Language, Psychology, and Legal Studies at TuteSmart. I love helping students achieve their study score goals and think that the best way to learn is by having an all-rounded understanding of your subjects rather than trying to commit everything to your memory. In my spare time, I enjoy reading books, learning languages, traveling, and learning new facts about medicine as well as developments in the ambulance field.

Subjects I can help with:

Legal Studies - 47
Psychology - 44
English - 44
English Language - 42
Literature - 41
General Maths - 40

Syed Haider

VIC - ATAR 98.35

Hey everyone! I am Syed Haider, a 2020 Suzanne Cory High School graduate. I am currently in my final year of my Bachelor of Biomedical Science (scholars) at Monash University and have been teaching both, VCE Chemistry ¾ and VCE Chemistry ½ since the start of my degree! I am passionate about two things, passing down my Chemistry knowledge and expertise to my students, and watching them succeed.

Subject I can help with:

Chemistry - 45

Themika Thennakoon

NSW - ATAR 99.30

Hey everyone, I’m Themika, and I'm a class of 2022 graduate from North Sydney Boys High School. In my free time, I enjoy playing the piano and watching documentaries to learn new and exciting things about the world. I joined Tutesmart because I valued the service it provides and having attended tutoring myself, I enjoyed the freedom and flexibility of learning on an online platform. I’m someone who finds sharing my knowledge to help other people a very fulfilling task, and so as a tutor, my goal is to engage students to achieve to the best of their capabilities. Pro tip: make sure to get in your studying as early as possible no matter how arduous it may seem. When exam time comes, you’ll be glad!

Subjects I can help with:

Chemistry - 93
Physics - 92
English Advanced - 94
English Extension 1 - 47/50
Maths Extension 1 - 47/50
Maths Advanced - 98

Uzma M

NSW - ATAR 92.20

My name is Uzma and I tutor a range of subjects, namely business and economics at Tutesmart! I graduated in 2020 and am currently studying for a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting and Taxation at UNSW. I love helping students reach their goals and seeing them become more confident in their subjects!

Subjects I can help with:

Business Studies - 94
Economics - 85
English advanced - 90
Legal studies - 90

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