About TuteSmart

TuteSmart Learning Philosophy

About TuteSmart

At TuteSmart, we take a holistic approach to improving student grades. Unlike many other tutoring services, we don’t focus on rote cramming. Instead, we try to instil our students with a sense of self-confidence, engagement with their subjects and independent learning skills.

We’re passionate about helping students develop these essential skills and we know that once they do, their grades will improve – and in a massive way! These same skills will also help students thrive at university and in their careers. We develop these skills by providing students with a complete support system consisting of:

Mentorship from high-achieving graduates

There is no better way to build confidence and self-belief in a student than spending time with those who have just been in their shoes a few years ago. As students interact with these successful graduates, they begin to realise that they are not so different from them and that they too can achieve amazing results.

An engaging learning environment.

TuteSmart offers students an online learning environment where like-minded students and tutors can come together to learn from each other in a way that is more engaging than studying alone.

Access to amazing learning resources and support.

TuteSmart boasts market-leading subject class materials, curricula, practice exams, and tutors. These resources ensure that students can get answers as and when needed.

ATAR Tutoring

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to tutoring that goes beyond academics, helping students prepare for their future by sharing expertise, experiences and success stories, and offering job opportunities for elite graduates.

Our Values

Be Role Models

We conduct ourselves in a way that is worthy of being looked up to. We aim to inspire students to achieve their best through leading by example.

TuteSmart Online Tutoring

We are constantly driven to find new ways to help students engage and learn with subject content. We seek out and rapidly adapt to the latest technological trends and aim to improve our teaching processes and materials every day.

TuteSmart Online Classes

We take time to understand the needs of every student. We're sensitive and aware of each student's circumstance, background, goals, and how this affects their attitude to learning, confidence levels and academic progress.

TuteSmart Private Tutoring
Safe & Friendly Environment

TuteSmart is not just a tutoring service, it’s a friendly learning environment where students can feel comfortable having honest conversations that break through the gaps in their knowledge in order to make massive gains in their academic journey.

Tutoring Online

Our Tutors

Australia's best tutors

We are incredibly proud of each and every one of our tutors. They have all achieved excellent subject scores, ATAR results and a huge number of elite academic awards.

However, this is not what makes them truly outstanding. What really matters at TuteSmart is a genuine passion, care and commitment to the students. Each and every day, our team of tutors is working to constantly improve their subject curricula, content, resources, tests and exams, so that they can be as good as they can possibly be.

The team is also selected and trained to instantly connect with students and get to the heart of their current learning or study issue, so that it can be overcome. One of our TuteSmart values is for tutors to act in a way that makes them worthy of being a role model to students, and we take this very seriously.

Our tutors are attuned to each student’s individual needs. Whether it’s help with an essay, time management advice, or a quick chat about test results, we understand that a personalised approach is best.

Why recent graduates make amazing tutors

Everybody knows that the best way to learn is from experience. And nobody has more experience of the high school journey than recent graduates who have come out on top.

Our tutors know first-hand what it’s like to be a student at the high school level: they understand the pressure, the workload, and the expectations.

There is no better way to build a sense of belief for current students than spending time with tutors who have been in their shoes and have been extremely successful.

Although they may have achieved amazing results, and are studying at university, they are just a few years ahead of current high school students. This perspective gives them an immediate ability to break through communication barriers and share an open dialogue with students.

Tutors can also share anecdotes about how they thrived in those same circumstances.