About Tutesmart

TuteSmart Learning Philosophy

At TuteSmart, we take a big picture approach to improving a student's grades. Unlike many other tutoring services, we don’t focus on rote learning or cramming. Instead, we try and instil our students with a sense of self-confidence, engagement with their studies, independent learning skills and assurance that they will be able to find reliable help whenever they need it.

We’re passionate about helping students develop these essential skills and we know that once they do, their grades will improve – in a massive way! These same skills will also help students thrive at university and in their careers. We develop these skills by providing students with a complete support system consisting of:

Mentorship from high-achieving graduates. There is no better way to build confidence and self-belief in a student than spending time with those who have just been in their shoes a few years ago. As students interact with these successful graduates, they begin to realise that they are not so different from them and that they too can achieve amazing results.

A welcoming and engaging environment. TuteSmart is a safe space where like-minded students can come together to learn from each other in a way that is more engaging than sitting alone at home. A common goal builds trust and camaraderie, which leaves students feeling like they are part of a community.

Access to the absolute best learning resources when needed. TuteSmart boasts market-leading subject class materials, curricula, practice exams, and tutors available online and in-person. This range of resources ensures students can get the answer they need when they need it.

Our values

Be Role Models

We conduct ourselves in a way that is worthy of being looked up to. We aim to inspire students to achieve their best through leading by example. Role models through and through.


We are driven to find new ways to help and engage with students. We don't just wait for them to come to us, we seek them out, and aim to shed light on the big learning issues.


We take time to understand the needs of every student. We're sensitive and aware of each students circumstance, background, goals, and how this affects their learning and progress.

A Safe Environment

It's not just a place to attend classes - it's a warm and friendly environment to feel comfortable having honest conversations that break through the gaps in knowledge and progress.