2018 Tutesmart Student Results

ATAR Results

Median ATAR Score of 94.25

11% of students scored an ATAR over 99

Study Results


of students said TuteSmart made them feel more confident in their studies


of students said TuteSmart helped them prepare further in advance for exams


of students said that TuteSmart helped them retain more subject content


of students said TuteSmart helped them study more effectively outside of school


of students said TuteSmart made them feel more engaged with their subjects


TuteSmart definitely helped boost my marks, particularly in Year 11 where I really needed that extra support.

Mackenzie M.

Caulfield Grammar School
TuteSmart definitely helped me a lot throughout the year and helped keep me motivated when I had many school tests!

Ann-Li G.

Highvale Secondary College
TuteSmart was incredible in advancing my subject skills and helped me to take full advantage of organising my study time early on, before it was too late!

Kelsey H.

Keilor Downs Secondary College
TuteSmart gave me the confidence I needed to improve my English scores, making it go from my worst subject at the end of year 11 to my best score in year 12

Luke H.

Emerald Secondary College
TuteSmart helped me to create healthier study habits. It really made the constant commitment to studying much easier.

Bianca C.

Swinburne Secondary College
41 in Psychology in Year 11