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TuteSmart Learning Philosophy

TuteSmart Learning Philosophy

In addition to improving grades, we’re passionate about creating a positive lifelong impact on our students. We achieve this by equipping students with independent learning skills and mentorship from peers. We believe that if we can help students become self-confident, they will be successful in high school and beyond. We are proud that over 90% of our current students say that TuteSmart has made them more confident in their studies.

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Since TuteSmart launched in 2016 we have helped over 4,000 students across over 500 schools reach their study goals.

To discover TuteSmart for yourself, we’d like to invite you to try it out for 2 weeks – completely risk free. Simply enrol now and pay a fully refundable two-week deposit. If the program isn’t for you and you want to cancel, no worries at all. We will refund your deposit back to you.

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All of our tutors are recent high-achieving graduates, with top ATAR scores and a desire to help students succeed.

Our team is driven to help students connect with their studies and achieve massive progress in their learning and grades. Our results speak for themselves: 87% of students say that their TuteSmart tutors make them feel more engaged with their QCE subjects.