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Learn from elite recent QLD ATAR graduates.

With tried and tested QCE subject curriculums, TuteSmart provides comprehensive QCE tutoring - from the comfort of your own home!

Work with top recent QCE graduates and 95+ ATAR achievers to achieve your own ATAR goals.

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How you can benefit from QCE tutoring

Advanced tutorial classes every week.

In-depth course overview

60-minute subject live-streams each and every week.

Improve study confidence

Use resources to revise or get ahead.

Work with elite recent grads

Our friendly tutors know what it takes to succeed!

Learn at your own pace

TuteSmart classes are also recorded!

Revise from the comfort of your own home

With TuteSmart, you can revise from anywhere.

Online Tutorial Classes

Online Tutorial Classes

Get ahead and don't look back.

Our advanced tutorial classes run for 60 minutes, every week. These online classes are geared towards preparing as much as possible for tests and exams.

Our online classes are interactive, with students able to ask live questions and engage with their tutors and other students.

And the best part is: every single class is recorded! So, if you can’t make the class or want to revise later, you can watch the recordings online, at anytime.

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The best QLD ATAR tutors

Dedicated to helping you achieve your ATAR goals.

We are incredibly proud of each and every one of our tutors. Collectively, they are armed with 99+ ATARs, incredible QCE subject results, and a huge number of academic awards - not to mention a deep understanding of how the QLD ATAR system works.

However, this is not what makes them truly outstanding. What really matters at TuteSmart is a genuine passion, care, and commitment to students. Our tutors can help with:

QCE head start

Get an edge with advanced weekly subject classes, designed to help you make the jump to the next level.

ATAR exam revision

Benefit from intensive revision periods to help you walk into external QCE exams prepared.

Improving QCE marks

Further to subject content, our tutors can help with study techniques to help improve your marks and confidence.

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We've helped over 5,000 students achieve their ATAR goals



93 ATAR Achiever

"TuteSmart made me feel so much more confident, and in terms of academics it really helped me to get where I got in the end."

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97 ATAR Achiever

"TuteSmart is more than just academics, it's a real support for every single student."

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91 ATAR Achiever

"Since starting at TuteSmart, I pretty much became top of my class for Chemistry and Physics. My confidence has gone through the roof."