Our Pricing

TuteSmart is Australia’s most comprehensive and effective tutoring program. For a single weekly fee, students receive an all-inclusive TuteSmart membership. You only pay for the subjects you need, but the more subjects you enrol in, the better the value.

Enrolled Subjects Class Hours / week Membership / week
1 1.5 Hrs $44 /week
2 3 Hrs $82 /week
3 4.5 Hrs $114 /week
All 6+ Hrs $142 /week

Try our program!

Enrol now by paying for your first two weeks. If you decide TuteSmart isn't for you within those first two weeks, no stress! Just let us know - there will be no lock-in, no contract, and no further fees.

If TuteSmart is for you, great! You will be billed two weeks in advance, but you can still cancel at any time by giving us two weeks notice.

Fee Payment Structure

TuteSmart fees are payable every fortnight in advance.

You will be charged your two-week payment immediately, and will be charged fortnightly thereafter. Your third payment will occur 14 days after your second payment. This payment structure continues until the TuteSmart program ends. The TuteSmart program runs 44 weeks total for Year 12 subjects – 8 weeks until 1st December 2019, then a break over the holidays and another 36 weeks from 1st February 2020 to 18th October 2020.

Cancel at any time

You can cancel at any time, simply by giving us two-weeks notice.

You can give your notice through your TuteSmart account, or by contacting us.

Your cancellation will take effect exactly 14 days after you provide notice to us.